Ella Goodwin

Ella Goodwin

Inspired by the power of making, artist Ella Goodwin draws us into a playful world filled with fantasy, fairytales and cats.

Fashion, couture, animation, jewellery making, graphic design and illustration; there aren’t many art forms that artist Ella Goodwin hasn’t mastered. Always looking for outlets for her creativity, she pours her heart into every new piece she creates. Every idea, painting, illustration and print becomes a treasure chest of memories, comprising everything she was thinking and feeling at the time. “I believe in the power of making,” says Ella. “Whenever I create something new or have an idea, I let go of all my troubles – my artwork makes me feel happy.”

For the past five years, Ella has been channelling her artistic energy into illustration using pencils and fineliners as her creative tools of choice.

“There’s a real connection between hand and paper,” she says. “When you go out drawing, you really get to look at something and you build a memory. Everything I was thinking about, everything that was going on in my life, embeds itself somehow.”

Flicking through Ella’s portfolio, you’ll find a plethora of fairytales, daydreams and faraway worlds which invite you in and hold your gaze. Soft hues and muted colours dominate her work, and wildlife including mainly cats and birds are brought to life across her collection.

“I’ve grown up with cats, they’re a massive part of my work,” says Ella. “They’re quite spiritual animals, they are so easy to project a character onto and they’re just so appealing as a form. They’re so beautiful and they’re always with me or next to me in my studio.”

With inspiration tucked round every corner, Ella draws ideas from travelling as well as reading.

“I’m going back to Japan later on in the year. I love Japanese culture and the contradiction it presents,” she says. “I tend to use kitsch colours like turquoise and pink palettes like in Japanese fairytale illustrations.”

By using a variety of platforms for her work, Ella has found it hard not to resist modern, digital tools to help her transfer and manipulate her work.

“I love the fact that I can play around with my work later on really easily,” she says. “It makes it much easier to print and you can get a really good quality of colour which can be hard when you’re trying to reproduce a painting from just taking a photo.”

To make sure her digital pieces maintain the life and raw feeling of the original, Ella has a bank of textures she can then overlay onto her prints, allowing her to restore their natural and unique form.

For Takeaway Art, Ella is instilling her favourite themes into a 3D piece, available exclusively here.

Lovingly named Catrobats, she has laser-cut her favourite felines out of acrylic and placed them on delicate strings, capturing the pure freedom and happiness of her work. She has then painted and hand-stitched the acrylic for each piece, giving each one a personal touch.

With a passion for visual storytelling, Ella regularly escapes to a place where she can forget the outside world and just create.

“In the moment, time just disappears. Even when you’re creating something simple, when I get a new idea for a piece, I’m in a whole new world, like a dream.”

Find out more about Ella and her art at www.ellagoodwin.co.uk

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