How It Works


Every month we pick one Norfolk-based artist and get to know them – find out how they work and what inspires them. Keep an eye on our social media to follow their progress.

On the Starter plan, we take payment for that month’s delivery on the 20th of the month – if you’re already subscribed and like what you’ve seen so far of the artist, you don’t have to do anything. If you’d rather not receive a delivery that month, it’s only a couple of clicks to opt out – just make sure you do it on the 19th, or earlier. On the Main plan, you can also suspend your subscription for the month, and defer your pre-paid delivery for another time.

A couple of days later, we wrap the artwork up in one of our takeaway boxes and post it to you. You receive a brand new piece of art for your collection and then we start all over again at the beginning of the next month.

Do the artists get paid?

Yes, they do. They are the ones doing the hard work and Takeaway Art wants to treat them fairly. If you wish to support them further, each box includes the artists’ contact details and links to their portfolios.

Artwork availability

We curate new pieces of art every month and send them to our subscribers. Each month we focus on a different artist, so over time we cover a mix of styles and techniques.

Some of these pieces are made specifically for our subscribers, which means there is a limited number of them. On rare occasions, that means new subscribers won’t get a delivery in the first month. We will tell you about it straight away and you won’t get charged until we’re ready to ship to you.


Shipping is free and we send our parcels everywhere in the UK.

Our takeaway containers won’t always fit through your letterbox so if you have any instructions for our courier add them to the notes section of your order.

Delivery times

We aim to ship our takeaway containers out around the 25th-26th of the month and have them with you within 5 working days (up to 7 working days in the more remote parts of the country).

Sometimes the artwork we send is made specifically for us which means there might be delays along the way. If that is the case, we will let you know.

We will always email you once your parcel has been dispatched so you know when to expect it.

Pausing a subscription

If you want to pause your subscription for a month (or more), login to your account and choose “Suspend” from your subscription actions.

On the Starter plan, the one month rolling subscription, make sure you do this before the 20th of the month so we don’t take payment from you for that month.


Art is a subjective experience and, even though we are very proud of our featured artists and their work, we understand that sometimes you won’t agree with our taste. Please have a look at our Art Swap below for a way to exchange the pieces you receive over time.

However, if you would like an immediate refund or exchange with another piece by a different artist, email us at within 14 days of receiving the artwork you’re not happy with. We will usually ask you to cover the cost of returning the parcel to us.

Art Swap

Once you’ve received 9 boxes from us (and we’ve been running for at least 10 months), you can join our Art Swap programme: send back one of the pieces you no longer want and we’ll send you a new one instead for free. After your first swap, do this once a year every year you subscribed for at least 3 months. Please take care of your artwork though, as we cannot accept damaged pieces for swaps.

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